Top Places in Europe to Visit After Lockdown

The year 2020 has given us a very hard time. We all are fed up of this lockdown and surely want to break this monotonous routine in any way. Visiting top best places in Europe after lockdown is a great way to get some peace of mind. 

This article mentions three best places in Europe that you must visit. So, let’s move on and have a virtual tour of the three most recommended places in Europe to visit after lockdown.

  1. Colmar

Colmar is situated in France. It is considered to be the best place in Europe. It is a great destination for tourism and a perfect lovers spot. Those interested in history and culture are also recommended to visit this place. Colmar is a great place for food and music lovers too.

The best time to visit Colmar is the end of December. Christmas Eve adds to the beauty of this place by the lightening the streets and its eye-catching ornamentation. It looks so magical.

Spring is also a good time to visit Colmar. Various cultural and musical festive are held in spring. The amalgam of nature in spring, culture and music creates a mind-blowing environment. 

If you are travelling in Summer and Autumn, it is still a great idea. Tourist bus ride in villages like that of Riquewihr is just amazing. You will surely enjoy roaming around vineyards. 

  1. Athens

Athens, a place in Greece is one among top best places to visit in Europe after lockdown ends. This city is a very traditional place that stores in history of various civilizations in it. Museum, shops and bars are the some of the go-to places in Athens. 

Athens presents past with a combination of modern world. This is the first country where hospitality of foreigners is made the first priority. 

Beautiful scenery of Mediterranean Sea gives a sense of peace and calmness. The lightening and art scenes give unexplainable vibes. 

  1. Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. It is famous for its cultural representation, diversity and food. It is a great place for architecture lovers too. So, it is advised to place it in your go-to list for sure. 

One of the most famous places to visit in Tbilisi are the wondrous Haussmannian buildings that are a heritage of middle ages. Kartlis statue is another amazing place in Tbilisi. You can clearly see the Peace Bridge, thermal baths, Mtatsminda Amusement Park and the Metekhi Church from here. 

The best time to visit this place is summer and spring. It gives you an eye-catching sight that gives pleasure to eyes and mind, both.

So, these were some of the best places to visit in Europe after lockdown ends. Make sure to plan your trip and visit these places. Visit to these places is worth the trip cost. Also, after lockdown ends you need some traveling to feel like normal again. Let’s be hopeful and start traveling again after all the world has been through. Happy travelling!